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He studied Art at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany.

He graduated in 1989.




A.W. Grzonka lives and works in Vienna, Austria. He spends summer in the lake district of northern Poland, a landscape that appears again and again in his work.



Provincial House of Culture, Olsztyn (1974, 1975)

Young Arts University of Applied Sciences for Art and Design, Köln (1983)

Köln (1984)

Malerei 2000, Wien (1993)

Four Faces, Art Exnergasse, Wien (1995)

Herbergssusche, Wien (1994)

Aperto - Artists Open Their Studios, Wien (1995)

15 Years Art Exnergasse, Wien (1996)

Coincidence XII, Europeans Cultural IGNIS, Köln (1997)

Vienna Water Tower, Wien (1998)

Aperto, Wien (1998)

Malerei 2000 - Arsenal, Wien (1998)

Herbstsalon - Malerei, Polish Institute, Wien (1998)

Art Salon on Thursday, Wien (2002)


The world around him is A.W. Grzonka’s source of inspiration. Landscapes and animals, people and street scenes become topics for his paintings, transformed and twisted as the artist perceives them. His work reveals the influence of expressionism, combining abstract and naturalistic elements.


Kulturhaus bergisches Land, Bergisch-Gladbach (1979)

BWA - Galleries of Contemporary Art, Olsztyn (1997)

National Gallery of Art „Dyptyk”, Torun (1997)

Promocyjna Gallery, Warsaw (1997)

The National Museum, Department of Contemporary Art, the Palace of Opatów, Gdansk (1998)

Castle Nidzica, Nidzica (2001)

Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts „3A”, Warsaw (2002)

BWA - Galleries of Contemporary Art, Olsztyn (2003)

BWA - Galleries of Contemporary Art, Olsztyn (2007)

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